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Lara Klart is here !

This artist, already confirmed on the other side of the Atlantic, signed on our label to conquer Europe. All the team will do its best to make it known.

She is an artist in the broad sense of the term, because if you go to see her website, you will see that she has several strings to her bow (Dj producer / comedian / ....)

here's some of its bio:

Lara Klart's career began in 2015 in Ecuador, where her first experience with electronic music was at 16 years of age, with House being her main interest at that time. Her first residence was in Mexico City, in the Poe Club; this opportunity led her to work later with Dos Equis Music Mexico and play her electronic music …….

To read the end of his bio, go quickly on his artist page

You can also buy his track on his artist page

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